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Antos And Collinsworth Score Sunday Miller Lite Triple Crown Victories At Riverhead Raceway

In July type conditions the May Meltdown program was presented Sunday afternoon at Riverhead Raceway feature the first of the Miller Lite Triple Crown Series events for the Street Stocks and Mini Stocks. In the 30-lapper for the Street Stocks Dave Antos of Lindenhurst scored his second win in eight days at the track while the Mini Stock 30 fell to Tony Collinsworth of Calverton.

By Bob Finan

Qualifying for the Street Stocks saw Jarrod Hayes of Calverton quickest in the Roger Oxee owned entry clicking off a lap of 14.194 just off the track record held by Dave Antos. Hayes and Antos would line up in the front row after Dave was second quick in qualifying with a lap 14.211. When the green lights came on it was Antos making a power move to the outside down the front chute to outrace Hayes to turn one and the race lead. Dave, who with his May 14th win became the all time leading winner in the class with 10 quickly started building a comfortable lead out front. Meanwhile Hayes and Chris Lescenski, co-worker for the Town of Riverhead battled for second with Chris taking the spot just prior to the 10-lap mark. As the race wore on Antos kept building on his lead and the only thing that could possible change that would be a caution. Low and behold on lap 22 the yellow did wave for Gerard Lawrence who lost power in the racing groove off turn two.This was the scenario second place runner Lescenski had hoped would play out but when the green flag reappeared Dave Antos picked up where he left off as the dominant car in his JTEC Electric Chevy driving off to career win number 11. Chris Lescenski of Riverhead was runner-up in the Eastport Feeds Chevy while Brian McCormack of Holbrook was third in the Robo Car Wash Monte Carlo.

In Mini Stock action it was a clean sweep for Tony Collinsworth who served notice he would be the driver to beat when he set fast time with a lap of 14.722, Justin Squires of Flanders was second quick with a lap of 14.831. Much like Antos in the Street Stocks, Tony Collinsworth had a dominating Walls of Fame Chevy Cobalt as he quickly raced his way out to the lead with Justin Squires in tow. The race would be a non-stop affair which was just fine with leader Collinsworth who began to stretch out his advantage as the laps wore on. Second place Squires had his hands full as the race moved along with challenges from Andrew Farnham and CJ Zukowski who ran right on the back bumper of Justin’s Honda. Without a caution flag to bunch up the field it would turnout to be a Sunday drive for Tony Collinsworth who earned his second career win. Justin Squires of Flanders withstood late race pressure for runner-up honors in his CRC Video Surveillance Honda while Andrew Farnham of Baldwin in his sponsor wanted racer was third.

Two INEX Bandolero features were contested on the afternoon both 15-laps in distance. In the Bandits event defending champion Darren Krantz Jr. of Huntington led all 15-laps for his division leading 5th career win in the Angela’s House racer. Rodney Dowless of Dix Hills and Sam Macedo of Cherry Valley, Ma. were second and third. Over in the Outlaw 15-lapper Chevy Rommeney of Bohemia led all the way for his 3rd career win in the Hollis Court Collision Bando. Will Sipala of Manorville was second with Gavin Romano of Riverhead third.

With two races available to him over the weekend Jarrett Campbell of Yaphank chose to race his Enduro Truck Sunday rather than his Blunderbust on Saturday night. That choice paid dividends when Campbell went out and won the 40-lap Truck Enduro main event. Early in the contest veteran Gary Voight paced the race leading the first 8-laps before he was forced to drop to the infield with mechanical woes moving Mariah Lawrence who was running second into the race lead. Meanwhile Jarrett Campbell who started back in 9th was making some noise coming through the field making his way to second on lap 10. Seven circuits later Campbell slid under Lawrence exiting the fourth turn to take control of the race. Unfortunately for Mariah her race would end one lap later due to overheating from a damaged radiator. Phil LaManna moved to second but it was too little, too late as Jarrett Campbell drove the Rokfinancial entry to victory lane. LaManna of Smithtown was runner-up in the EP Milling & Sweeping Chevy S-10 while Woot Lawrence of Southampton raced his way from 13th to finish third in the Gregor Well Drilling Chevy.

Pat Collins of Southampton had been trying to win a 8-Cylinder Enduro for eight seasons. Over the off season he had Frank Curtis Jr. and Wesley Sammon build him a new car for 2022 and when the dust settled on the 50-lap feature Sunday Collins was finally an Enduro winner at Riverhead Raceway. Greg Harris of Riverhead had moved his way to the race lead and looked like he was headed to victory when with just five laps to go two cars laps down got together right in front of Greg breaking his momentum and allowing Collins to move by for the lead. Over the final five laps Pat Collins was able to hit his marks and drive his PC Truck & Equipment Chevy to the win he had been waiting eight years for. Greg Harris of Riverhead held on for second in the SGS Stone Works Chevy while Roger Tramm of Yaphank was third in the United Exhaust Shops racer.

Chris Olivari of Coram scored his second career Gut & Go Enduro win when he came out on top in their 60-lap feature. Starting fourth on the grid Olivari wasted little time taking the lead in the 27 car field that included his father David. A late race red flag for a front stretch crash on lap 53 gave second place driver Zach Tyler hope in catching the high flying Olivari. However when the green was back out Chris Olivari in his sponsor wanted Nissan led the final seven laps for the win. Tyler of Cutchogue was second in the PG Auto parts entry while John Palmeri of Lindenhurst placed third in the J&J Towing machine.

Street Stocks: 1. Dave Antos 2. Chris Lescenski 3. Brian McCormack 4. Jarrod Hayes 5. Rhett Fogg 6. Ed Fontana 7. Jamie Curtis 8. RJ Gage 9. Dennis Kurras 10. Alyssa Paprocky 11. Kyle Curtis 12. Gerard Lawrence 13. Kyle Halpin 14. Greg Harris 15. Danny Pizzo 16. James Dipietro DNS- Henry Cuesta

Mini Stocks: 1. Tony Collinsworth 2. Justin Squires 3. Andrew Farnham 4. CJ Zukowski 5. Paul Wojcik 7. Chris Olivari 8. Joe Warren Jr. 9. Mike Mujsce Jr. 10. Jess St. Clair 11. Scott Phillips 12. Mike Mujsce III 13. James O’Connell 14. Charles Astacio 15. Ryan Warren

Bandit Bandoleros: 1. Darren Krantz Jr. 2. Rodney Dowless Jr. 3. Sam Macedo 4. Ben Morabito 5. Kix Bock 6. Giavanna Agugliaro 7. Reid Halpin 8. Nick Hodge 9. Emmett Grattan 10. Layla Quilliam

Outlaw Bandoleros: 1. Chevy Rommeney 2. Will Sipala 3. Gavin Romano 4. Austin Allen 5. Tucker Bock 6. Jayden Owen-Bader 7. Wayne Meyer 8. Marissa Stewart 9. Julianna Kramer

Truck Enduro: 1. Jarrett Campbell 2. Phil LaManna 3. Woot Lawrence 4. Kerry Botts 5. Don Nelson Jr. 6. Dusty Cole 7. Emily Hubbard 8. Eric Germuth 9. Brandon LaManna 10. Chris Grover 11. Jennifer Hohwiesner 12. Chloe Phillips 13. Amanda Brown 14. Whitney Williams 15. John Schultz 16. Danielle Cohen 17. Hallie Campo 18. Steve Reisert 19. Mariah Lawrence 20. Gary Voight

8-Cylinder Enduro: 1. Pat Collins 2. Greg Harris 3. Roger Tramm 4. Kevin Feeney 5. Christian Kalbfleisch 6. Ricky Carman 7. Steven Jones 8. Andy Denniger 9. Dwayne Sipila 10. Will Ebert 11. Mahnoud Enaya 12. Ed Graeff 13. Tony Capobianco 14. Richie Carman 15. Kevin Coyle 16. Ralph Caggiano 17. Kris Dane 18. Donny Oliver 19. Joe Boccia 20. David Verbeeck 21. Kale Buckley 22. Jody Fickeissen 23. Carmine Ragusa

Gut & Go Enduro: 1. Chris Olivari 2. Zach Tyler 3. John Palmeri 4. Frank Raynor 5. Robert Izzo 6. PJ McGay 7. Frankie Abbatiello 8. Bob Dalke 9. Michael Serpa 10. David Duran 11. Ronan Levesque 12. Stephen Vogel 13. Jeremy Rand 14. Joey Palmeri Jr. 15. Chris Constantine 16. Pat Collins Jr. 17. Will Raynor 18. Mark Raynor 19. Raymond Rau 20. William Kennedy 21. Nick Rogers 22. Justin Moritz 23. David Olivari 24. Robert Linder 25. Brian Moore 26. Kevin Constantine 27. Pat Verwys Jr.

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