Dowling Pockets $10k at Thunder Road Debut as Donahue Adds to Family Legacy in the Memorial Day Classic

Barre, VT — Memorial Day Weekend brings with it the start of summer, and especially the beginning of full-fledged race season. For race fans from across New England, seeing 138 different racecars pack the pit area of Thunder Road International Speedbowl on Sunday was a welcome sight for the summer season ahead. Along with the four weekly Thunder Road divisions, Tour-type Modifieds made their triumphant return for the first time in 12 years with the inaugural Granite City 100.

The Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series, New England’s most successful open modified touring series, brought an interesting mix of twenty-five touring megastars and weekly drivers from across the East. Led from the start of the Granite City 100 by former Modified winner at Thunder Road, Kirk Alexander, former Monaco Modified winner Sam Rameau took over the lead on the 13th lap. A pair of cautions on laps 31 and 33 ultimately spelled disaster for Carl Medeiros, who went from spinning in turn four to a three-car pileup on the front-stretch, taking Chase Cook and Todd Patnode with him.

Just after the halfway point, on lap 52, Roxbury, Connecticut’s Chase Dowling took over the lead from Alexander and never looked back. Even after a lap 80 restart pitted him against fellow stalwarts Anthony Nocella and Matt Hirschman, Dowling never faltered with the $10,000 winners check just at the end of his bumper.

“I just want to say to all you fans, this is badass,” Dowling said in Victory Lane. “All you guys coming out on a Sunday for a Memorial Day…This is great to see a great crowd for Tri-Track. This facility is awesome. Hopefully we’re back next year.”

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As if the Granite City 100 wasn’t enough, the 59 Mekkelsen RV Memorial Day Classic certainly didn’t disappoint either. The Maplewood/Irving Oil Late Models ballooned to a total of thirty-one cars with local point chasers joined by several new visitors, including 2021 White Mountain Motorsports Park champion Jeff Marshall and double-duty pilot Woody Pitkat.

The 125-lap Classic featured some growing pains for more than a few part-timers and Rookies with Marshall, Laci Potter and Evan Hallstrom among those who loaded up early. Former Labor Day Classic champion Brooks Clark led the early goings but by the halfway point it was all Stephen Donahue.

Donahue, in the familiar Norm Andrews mount, sewed his way through seemingly constant strings of lap traffic throughout the feature event. All the while, the Kinney Drugs machine of Kyle Pembroke and Chevy Camaro of Derrick O’Donnell stalked him through pin holes and open lanes alike. In a daring dash in the final laps, Donahue made his way through a four-way battle that included former track champions Jason Corliss and Vermont Governor Phil Scott to help seal his victory and the immortality of his name in granite. Pembroke and O’Donnell would round out the podium with Christopher Pelkey nabbing fourth and Clark driving back up through the field after pitting for fifth.

Thirty-three rk Miles Street Stocks took the green for their 25-lap feature with Dean Switser Jr. taking the lead early and holding off late charges by youngsters Tyler Whittemore and 2021 runner-up in points Kyler Davis.

The Lenny’s Shoe & Apparel Flying Tigers launched into a quick 40-lap feature with Williamstown’s Michael MacAskill taking down the win. Frequent hard-luck drivers Adam Maynard and Robert Gordon had luck on their side Sunday by taking second and third, respectively.

Lastly, the Burnett Scrap Metals Road Warriors ended the evening with a 20-lap feature won handily by Neal Foster, followed by Taylor Sayers and ‘Flyin’ Fred Fleury.

Thunder Road is back on a special Friday Night Special on June 10th with the debut of the New England Supermodified Series along with the first leg of the Myers Container Service Flying Tiger Triple Crown series. The Maplewood/Irving Oil Late Models, rk Miles Street Stocks and Burnett Scrap Metals Road Warriors will also be in the house for an action-packed night of high-speed thrills! Race day information, including pricing and schedules will be out soon.

For more information on the Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series, visit or contact You can also follow the Series on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @MonacoMods.

For more information, contact the Thunder Road offices at (802) 244-6963,, or visit You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram at @ThunderRoadVT.

Thunder Road International Speedbowl – Barre, VT

59th Mekkelsen RV Memorial Day Classic

Sunday, May 29th, 2022

Unofficial Results

59th Mekkelsen RV Memorial Day Classic – 125 Laps

1          2VT      Stephen Donahue       Graniteville, VT

2          27VT    Kyle Pembroke                        Montpelier, VT

3          60NH   Derrick O’Donnell       N. Haverhill, NH

4          64VT    Christopher Pelkey      Graniteville, VT

5          68VT    Brooks Clark                Fayston, VT

6          04VT    Matthew Smith                       Fairfax, VT

7          16V      Brandon Lanphear      Morrisville, VT

8          99VT    Cody Blake                  Barre, VT

9          66VT    Jason Corliss               Barre, VT

10        94VT    Brendan Moodie         Wolcott, VT

11        0VT      Scott Dragon               Milton, VT

12        38VT    Tyler Cahoon               Danville, VT

13        42VT    Matt White                 Northfield, VT

14        55VT    #Keegan Lamson         Berlin, VT

15        14VT    Phil Scott

16        91CT    Woody Pitkat              Stafford, CT

17        01VT    #Stephen Martin         Craftsbury Common, VT

18        86VT    Marcel J. Gravel                      Wolcott, VT

19        9VT      Chip Grenier                E. Barre, VT

20        8VT      Andy Hill                     Waterford, VT

21        3VT      Chris Roberts               Washington, VT

22        67MA  Jared Curtis                 Rutland, MA

23        22VT    Peyton Lanphear         Waterbury, VT

24        48VT    Evan Hallstrom                       Northfield, VT

25        4VT      Scott Coburn               Barre, VT

26        40VT    Eric Chase                   Milton, VT

27        00NH   Jimmy Renfrew Jr.      Candia, NH

28        9NH     Gabe Brown                Ctr. Conway, NH

29        22NH   Jeff Marshall               Littleton, NH

30        55NH   Laci Potter                   Barre, VT

31        7VT      Cooper Bouchard        Hinesburg, VT


Monaco Modified Tri-Track Series Granite City 100

1          9CT      Chase Dowling

2          92        Anthony Nocella

3          60        Matt Hirschman

4          25        Ronnie Williams

5          76        Kirk Alexander

6          6          Woody Pitkat

7          89        Matt Swanson

8          15MA  Jake Johnson

9          25NH   Brian Robie

10        5          Chris Pasteryak

11        50K      Matt Kimball

12        21        Richard Savary

13        13        Dylan Izzo

14        55B      Robert Bloxsom III

15        06MA  Sam Rameau

16        20        Max Zachem

17        51        Anthony Bello

18        04        Joey Jarvis

19        06        Les Hinkley

20        50M     Carl Medeiros

21        24        Todd Patnode

22        11        Cory Plummer

23        20C      Chase Cook

24        95        TJ Bleau

25        79VT    Jason Bonnett


Lenny’s Shoe & Apparel Flying Tigers – 40 Laps

1          3VT      Michael MacAskill      Williamstown, VT

2          45VT    Adam Maynard                       Milton, VT

3          20VT    Robert Gordon                        Milton, VT

4          90VT    Cameron Ouellette     Barre, VT

5          44VT    Justin Prescott             Williston, VT

6          8VT      Mike Billado                Grand Isle, VT

7          31VT    Logan Powers              Middlesex, VT

8          92VT    Jaden Perry                 Hardwick, VT

9          01VT    Mike Martin                Craftsbury Common, VT

10        68NH   Tanner Woodard         Waterbury Ctr., VT

11        07VT    Sam Caron                   Colchester, VT

12        68VT    Jason Woodard                       Waterbury Ctr., VT

13        15VT    Joel Hodgdon*                        Craftsbury Common, VT

14        28VT    Ryan Boutin                 Fairfax, VT

15        5VT      Tyler Austin                 E. Calais, VT

16        35VT    Colin Cornell               E. Burke, VT

17        66VT    J.T. Blanchard             Graniteville, VT

18        13VT    Ty Delphia                   Duxbury, VT

19        18VT    #Kaiden Fisher            Shelburne, VT

20        23NY    #Cam Gadue               Highgate, VT

21        56VT    Chris LaForest             Barre, VT

22        11VT    #Jacob Roy                  Danville, VT

23        33VT    #Matt Ballard             Williamstown, VT

24        8NH     Rich Lowery                 South Hero, VT

25        67VT    Kevin Streeter             Waitsfield, VT

26        64VT    Jason Pelkey                Barre, VT

27        73VT    Larry Underwood        Fairfax, VT

*Substituting for Derrick Calkins


rk Miles Street Stocks – 25 Laps

1          16        Dean Switser Jr.                      Waterford, VT

2          74        Tyler Whittemore       Barre, VT

3          68        Kyler Davis                  Berlin, VT

4          8          Jeffery Martin             Barre, VT

5          43        Jamie Davis                 Johnson, VT

6          34        Patrick Tibbetts                       Plainfield, VT

7          47        William Hennequin     Morrisville, VT

8          54        Josh Lovely                  Williamstown, VT

9          22        Tommy Smith              Williamstown, VT

10        3          Michael Gay                Burlington, VT

11        5          Kyle Gravel                  Wolcott, VT

12        17        Justin Blakely              Graniteville, VT

13        48        Taylor Hoar                 South Hero, VT

14        9          #Zach Audet                Morrisville, VT

15        69        Christopher Davis       Berlin, VT

16        2          Hayden Pierce             Chelsea, VT

17        04        Scott Weston               Berlin, VT

18        73        #Paige Whittemore     Graniteville, VT

19        26        Luke Peters                 Groton, VT

20        24        Todd Raymo                Swanton, VT

21        29        Gary Mullen                Tunbridge, VT

22        30        Ethan Tyrell                 Worcester, VT

23        6          Eric MacLaughlin        Milton, VT

24        5          Derek Farnham                       S. Royalton, VT

25        79        Juan Marshall             Pittsfield, VT

26        12        Mekaylah Bowen        Morrisville, VT

27        33        #Curtis Franks             Thompson, VT

28        96        Thomas Peck               Waterbury, VT

29        71        Jesse Laquerre            Berlin, VT

30        7          Kyle MacAskill             Williamstown, VT

31        57        Trevor Jaques              Milton, VT

32        0          James Dopp                 Northfield, VT

33        98        Casey Collins               Berlin, VT


Burnett Scrap Metals Road Warriors – 20 Laps

1          19        Neal Foster                  Moretown, VT

2          95        Taylor Sayers               Barre, VT

3          99        Fred Fleury                  Graniteville, VT

4          16        Nate Brien                   Williamstown, VT

5          10        Rodney Campbell       Worcester, VT

6          8          Ryan Foster                 Waterbury, VT

7          88        Frank Putney               Graniteville, VT

8          94        Ryan Sayers                 Barre, VT

9          12        Jacob Hall Larson        Northfield, VT

10        71        Jason Kirby                  Milton, VT

11        96        Bill O’Connor               S. Washington, VT

12        R2R      Race to Read

13        48        Alan Maynard             Fairfax, VT

14        35jr      Chris Russell                Barre, VT

15        03        Robert Catchapaw      Waterbury, VT

16        74        Bert Duffy                    Milton, VT

17        50        Nick Copping               Barre, VT

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