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Bobby Santos III Wins First Career Hoosier Hundred With USAC Silver Crown

If Friday night’s Hoosier Hundred had been a standard 100-lap affair, the closing scene very well might’ve been played out to a completely different ending for Bobby Santos.

However, at a distance of 146 laps and 100 miles, this one at Indiana’s Lucas Oil Indianapolis Raceway Park was anything but standard no matter which way you dissect it.

by Tyler Burnett, Floracing

Kody Swanson decimated the field for 115-straight laps starting with the drop of the green flag and appeared primed for a convincing victory when the unthinkable happened just a tick more than 31 laps from the finish line, the victim of a broken cam drive which turns the fuel pump.

Santos, of Franklin, Mass., took over right where Swanson left off, leading the remaining 31 laps around the .686-mile paved oval to earn more than $26,000 in total prizes, making it among the most lucrative victories for a driver in the 53-year history of the series.

Additionally, Santos’ triumph hit a monumental milestone at America’s Great Race Place.  His 15th career victory at IRP tied him with Tracy Hines as the winningest driver at the track in USAC competition.  To boot, Santos accomplished the feat while driving car No. 98, the numerals with which he had wheeled to IRP victory lane in the earliest days of his career and hadn’t competed with in the USAC Silver Crown series with since 2013 – a full decade ago.

Not only was the number a new one for Santos, the same goes for the car itself, the, which was constructed anew for the 2023 campaign.

Hoosier Hundred USAC Silver Crown Series At IRP

(146 laps, starting positions in parentheses) 1. Bobby Santos (1), 2. Logan Seavey (15), 3. Tyler Roahrig (10), 4. Derek Bischak (6), 5. Taylor Ferns (13), 6. Nathan Byrd (8), 7. Tanner Swanson (3), 8. Justin Grant (4), 9. Mario Clouser (18), 10. Mike McVetta (20), 11. Bryan Gossel (27), 12. Jerry Coons Jr. (23), 13. Casey Buckman (19), 14.  Wayne Johnson (24), 15. Kaylee Bryson (30), 16. Travis Welpott (26), 17. Gregg Cory (28), 18. Russ Gamester (9), 19. Kody Swanson (2), 20. Kyle Steffens (22), 21. Trey Burke (21), 22. Patrick Lawson (11), 23. Matt Westfall (25), 24. C.J. Leary (5), 25. Kyle O’Gara (16), 26. Brent Yarnal (29), 27. Dave Berkheimer (32), 28. Emerson Axsom (7), 29. Billy Wease (14), 30. Kyle Robbins (17), 31. Davey Hamilton Jr. (12), 32. Tom Paterson (31). 1:13:53.60 (New Track Record)

USAC Silver Crown Series Points Standings

Just two events into the season, Logan Seavey leads the points over Kody Swanson and Taylor Ferns who are tied for second. Tyler Roharig and Kaylee Bryson round out the top five in points.

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