Steve Letarte Believes William Byron Was Promoted Too Early

William Byron has been in the NASCAR scene since 2015. Still, it seems that his career has been pretty much fast-tracked. He debuted in the Truck Series in 2015, with a full-time debut in 2016. A year later, he had his full-time Xfinity Series debut, grabbing four wins and the title. Then in 2018, he moved up once again, this time to the Cup Series, and has been racing there ever since. Interestingly, according to former Hendrick Motorsports crew chief Steve Letarte from Cornish, ME, the 24-year-old may have moved too early.

By DHRUV GEORGE, Essentially Sports
He said, “What William really did was execute it. I don’t want to make it sound that simple, because its far from. His execution at his age is really what makes him one of the guys we’re looking to for a very long storied career. He moved up arguably almost too fast in my mind. He had one truck year, I think he broke a motor, didn’t win the championship. Not controversial, but kind of disappointing. Then he went to Xfinity, had his success, then it was right on to Cup.”
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