NASCAR’s Kyle Busch Lays Out Future Retirement Plans / SiriusXM Audio

NASCAR star Kyle Busch will be the guest on tomorrow night’s Cars & Culture with Jason Stein, which airs on SiriusXM Business Radio. In the pre-recorded conversation with Stein, Busch described his plans for the next phase of his career and ultimately his retirement.

STEIN: How long can you go?

BUSCH: Good question. I would say in a perfect world – I’ve kind of dreamt this up a little bit – in a perfect world, I would retire from Cup racing when Brexton is 15-years-old. And I would go run a year of truck, I’d go run a full truck series season to see if I can win a truck series championship because that, I would be the first one to have ever won an all three series of NASCAR, you know, the championship, which I’ve won the most races across all three of those divisions, than anybody combined. So I would do that and then when Brexton turns 16, him and I can split that truck where he can run the shorter track races and I can run the bigger track races. So for two years, because you have to be 18 to run the big tracks, so for two years we would split it. And then when he’s 18, he takes it over, and then when he runs it and takes it over and hopefully wins a championship, then he moves on and then I’m out. Like, I’m done. You know, that would, that would be it for me. So that would probably put me around, I guess 49, 50-years-old.

STEIN: That’s a heck of a plan. I like that.

BUSCH: Yeah. That’s the dream. So I’ve got to make the dream a reality. So we’re working on that. I’ve got to have that life after racing plan. I don’t have that one set yet. And if my Cup career is going to be over in the next, you know, six or seven years, boy, the time is ticking.

His full comments are below with audio, and listeners can catch the entire interview tomorrow night at 6pm ET on SiriusXM’s Cars & Culture with Jason Stein, which airs on SiriusXM Business Radio channel 132.

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NASCAR’s Kyle Busch on his plans for the next phase of his career

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